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How Do I Treat My Cat With A Cold

Gently wipe away eye and nasal discharge with a warm, damp cloth or gauze. Saline nasal sprays may be used on your cat to help relieve congestion. Use twice a day. Food and water Encouraging your cat to eat is extremely important.. If your cat does not like to swallow tablets, dilute with a half teaspoon of water and insert in a syringe.

With the syringe (needle removed), give the Vitamin C solution to your cat at the far back of the mouth, just as with the tablet. Herbal Remedies. Antiviral herbs are also great natural remedies for a cat cold. If you’ve not gone to the vet you should, but something you can do at home provided you have a bathroom and a shower that will help temporarily is take the cat into the bathroom, close the door and make sure that the room is as sealed as possible i.e. pushing a towel into the crack under the door, then run the shower at maximum heat to fill the room with steam, don’t stay in there too.

How Do I Treat My Cat With A Cold - Discount Place

How Do I Treat My Cat With A Cold - Discount Place

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